The not-so-scary mastectomy blog

Four days after surgery

“The doctor wanted to send me home today and I realised that I didn’t really think this through. I have two very busy little boys at home who probably won’t allow Mommy her rest. So, I asked the doctor nicely to let me stay at least one more night.”

Yesterday was D-day for me. Checked in at hospital at 6:00 and by 8:00 I was in theatre. Woke up three and a half hours later feeling really horrible. The pain was not nearly as bad as I anticipated, but I was stiff and could not even sit up by myself.

Angelina Jolie also revealed that she had a mastectomy and reconstruction, so, I find myself in good company.

Woke up this morning feeling so much better. I can stand up by myself and there is minimal pain.

The support I got from my family and friends were overwhelming. It is sometimes good to go through something like this to once again realise how many special people you have in your life.

a photo shoot done by a good friend to sort of say goodbye to my boobs

“My mother has struggled with breast cancer for many years and after testing positive for the BRCA gene mutation I decided to have prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction.
My operation is scheduled for 14 May 2013. Join me as I document my journey on this blog.”